Friend Feature Friday – Dr. Theresa Hartley

One of my very favorite parts of owning Baby Boot Camp in the awesome city of St 168772_199386913410436_3199576_nPetersburg was the level of partnership and collaboration among small businesses.  I met Dr. Theresa Hartley with Hartley Chiropractic Center in the early years of owning Baby Boot Camp.  She was new to the area and just getting her Chiropractic businesses started in this community.  I loved her passion for working with women and children, and this was before she was even a mom herself.  We put together several “Learn and Burn” educational events with my Baby Boot Camp moms, and I know that I learned something new each time she came out to our class.  I loved having these learning opportunities available for the moms in my classes – total body wellness is truly a lifestyle and not just a fitness class.

I was blessed with my first two pregnancies being very easy – although one was a “normal” (vaginal) birth and one was a C-section.  When I was pregnant with Audrey, I really wanted to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) – and had to change doctors in order to do so.  As the pregnancy progressed, it turned out that Audrey was transverse (turned sideways) and not a great candidate for a VBAC.  I turned to Dr. Hartley first, as she is a trained in the Webster Technique which helps with pelvic alignment and function.  She was wonderful to work with and I believe she helped me tremendously in reaching my goal of a VBAC – Audrey was born May 7, 2014 very healthy and without surgical intervention!


I am so excited to partner with Dr. Hartley and a few other small business owners this Mother’s Day weekend for a Sips & Skirts event.  As a Skirt Sports Ambassador, I’m lucky enough to have the Skirt Sports trunk show this weekend!  It travels around the country to different ambassadors throughout the year.  We’re partnering with Janna and Cody Angell and I’ll be brining the skirts and gear to St Pete Running Company.  We will have one of each style and size in their Spring Collection – all at 30% off!  A chance to try on and purchase right then and there!  In addition to Dr. Hartley speaking about her background and tips for moms, Christina Noordstar will be speaking about being an elite athlete as well as a successful business owner and mom.  Christina is the Tampa Bay area developer for Tropical Smoothie.  I am honored to have all of these women come together as we work to build a network of wellness and health in our community.

Let’s learn a bit more about Dr. Theresa Hartley and how she has been focused on wellness to become a successful and passionate chiropractor and mother.


10982572_1105779416104510_5721011082370292497_o1. Tell us about a time in your life when things were not easy for you. How did this point in your life shape who you are today?

My father passed away when I was in college. This shaped me into the doctor I am today because I saw how much chiropractic care can help people.


2. What is one thing you would want others to know about why you persevered? What did you learn along the way?

Positive Mental Attitude or PMA as I like to call it is huge when it comes to persevering! Each morning growing up my Dad had us kids say motivational things like “school is fun! I love school!” And “work is fun! I love to work!” This molded me to always find the positive in any situation.


3. What is one goal you have, either personal or business, for 2017? What keeps you motivated to reach this goal?13240153_10153545956816767_5721441260092068670_n.jpg

One goal I have for 2017 is to help our community become proactive with our healthcare instead of reactive. I believe we live in a sick care system only addressing our health when we are dealing with a crisis. I don’t believe making decisions about health during a crisis is optimal. Therefore my goal is to help families become proactive towards their health using nutrition, exercise, education and a healthy nervous system!
I stay motivated because I want to see our community become a strong and vibrant community known for the healthiest families.


4. What is your name and occupation? Where can we find out more information about you? (Website, blog, social media)12072589_1224541267561657_4602683511232999662_n

Dr. Theresa Hartley
Family Chiropractor