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It’s been close to a year (!!) since I sold my Baby Boot Camp franchise in St Petersburg, and I’ve been dabbling in fitness here and there in these past few months.  It was so hard to pass my Baby Boot Camp franchise on to another owner, and basically start a new era in my life as a mom.  I was 25 years old when I had my first daughter, Grace, and new to the St Petersburg, FL area.  I had a degree in Exercise Science, and a background in competitive swimming through the collegiate level.  What I did not have was any experience teaching fitness classes, building supportive communities or motivating others.  I just knew that I enjoyed being a part of inspirational groups and working out with others.


One of my first StrollerFit classes in Tampa with two month old Gracie, when I was training to be an instructor

So I purchased the franchise, learned how to teach a class from my mentor Kristen Prentice who operated her StrollerFit (later bought by Baby Boot Camp) classes in Tampa, and jumped in.  It was NOT easy.  It was a challenge for me to step outside my comfort zone and “perform” in front of people who I didn’t know and lead them in a workout.  I didn’t know many people in the area, especially any new moms, so it was a new experience for me to talk to everyone I met and invite them to try a class.  These things seem so second nature now because I’ve been doing them every day for 10+ years, but everything we do in life is new & challenging at some point in time.  For some reason, I knew this would be a good thing for me & my baby and for the community as well – so I wanted to continue to try new things and push myself.  It was repeated process of new opportunities and new ways to engage with the community, not to mention new stages in our family life with baby Grace & two years later baby Jocelyn.

For 10 years I had many challenges, successes and failures along the way as both a business owner and a mom.  When I came to the point in early 2016 of realizing that I would soon have a middle schooler, an elementary student and a toddler… it seemed like Baby Boot Camp was not the best fit for our family.  After all, teaching stroller fitness was always meant to be an opportunity for me to work outside the home a bit, meet friends & have a supporting community, but most importantly have quality time with my family.  Since I sold the business, I have been keeping busy with a variety of other smaller projects capitalizing on many of the skills I was able to hone as the owner of my own small business.  Just in the past year I have worn and continue to wear all of these hats: Area Developer for Fresh Meal Plan, private swim instructor & coach, Heart Healthy Presenter with American Heart Association, Lagree trainer at Studio Physique, kids running & triathlon coach, volunteer lobbyist & wellness advocate for the Public School Recess Bill.

Two opportunities I had in the last month really got me back to my BOOT CAMP roots and got me to thinking… what is next?  What should I pursue in the future to make the best use of my time and help the most people?  Should I take the easy way out or try something new?  The first super amazing opportunity was to lead a beach boot camp for my friend, Matt Maddix‘s Family Retreat on Clearwater Beach.  Matt and his son, Caleb, are motivational speakers, authors, life coaches – you name it.  They host a retreat for families from across the country a few times a year and it was an honor to be included.  I was awesome to see families, kids, moms & dads come together for partner activities and exercises.  They were cheering each other on, trying new things, and congratulating each other for doing a great job.  This boot camp was one of the first events of the family retreat weekend and one of the first opportunities for the families to test themselves both physically and mentally.  If you are interested in more information about the Matt & Caleb’s next retreat, please join their Facebook Group: Five Star Parents.  Check out a quick video from our workout and follow along at home!

I’ll be sharing more about the other opportunity I had recently to bring back my boot camp background and share fitness & fun with others in my next blog.  But here’s a teaser – it had to do with one of my newest endeavors as a Pro Ambassador with Skirt Sports!

Is your career path constantly changing as your family and life goals change?  Are you following your passion or stuck in your job?  Was it easy for you to find your path or were there some bumps along the road?

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